How to get to Hoadley Hide?

It’s easy.

Your adventure starts at Sunbury Scout Hall on Thursday night so either catch a train to Sunbury Station or get dropped off at Sunbury Scout Hall. On the Sunday, we will transport everyone back to Sunbury Train Station where you can be picked up or catch Metro services back to Southern Cross Railway Station or elsewhere on the network. 

Sunbury Railway station has regular services on the Sunbury Line operated by Metro. You can find the timetable and trip planner at the Public Transport Victoria website

Thursday 4th – Sunbury Scout Hall

Your adventure starts at Sunbury Scout Hall on Thursday evening. You can arrive anytime from 6pm to 9pm.

Please ensure you bring your dinner or have eaten before you arrive.

If you are going to be late, please call the Hoadley Hide Hot Line – 0447 281 828

Directions to 1st & 3rd Sunbury Scout Hall

Address: 8 Miller Street, Sunbury
Google maps: 

If arriving by private car, you can be dropped off at the Sunbury Scout Hall.

If catching the train, you can walk from Sunbury Station to Sunbury Scout Hall.

Patrol members can arrive by different transport methods but need to check in all together, so make sure you aim to all arrive at about the same time.

Thursday Check-in Process

  1. Arrive at Sunbury Scout Hall @ 6-9pm
  2. Wait for the rest of your patrol
  3. Check-in your Patrol
  4. Hand in prepared menu
  5. Complete Pack inspection
  6. Take a Patrol Photo
  7. Set up your tents in the camping area
  8. Eat BYO dinner if you haven’t already
  9. Socialise with other patrols 
  10. Movie showing in the hall at 8pm!
  11. Head to bed, lights out at 11pm

Sunday 7th – Sunbury Train Station

The bus will depart from Blackwood Scout Camp  at approximately 3pm on Sunday.

It is approximately 1 hour travel time from the campsite to Sunbury Train Station.

Pick up will be 4pm from Sunbury Train Station Upon arrival at Sunbury Venturers will either board a train or can be collected from the station carpark by private car.

Venturers will not be allowed to order a taxi, uber or other rideshare services to get home.

Sunbury is the start of Hoadley Hide

We are not offering an option to take private transport direct to Blackwood Scout Camp for this year’s Hoadley Hide. For all Venturers the event starts on Thursday at Sunbury Scout Hall.

If you have any questions or concerns please email

Can I just arrive at Sunbury Scout hall on Friday morning?

Simple answer. No.

Hoadley starts on Thursday night with activities and tasks before heading off to the main site on Friday. This includes pack inspection, equipment checks and preparation activities with your patrol.

Check in is open from 6pm to 9pm. Please aim to arrive between these times.

Remember, the earlier you arrive, the more time for socialising and card gaming before bed!

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