What is Hoadley Hide?

An annual Scouting activity (started back in 1952). It is a competitive event where Teams of Venturers hike from activity to activity (called stunts), which are run by groups of Leaders and Rover Crews. A Rogaine and a night hike are some features added recently. Music, videos and a DJ feature at night time campsites. The Hide is organised by the Victorian State Venturer Scout Council of Scouts Australia and runs over the Easter period from Good Friday until Easter Monday. Venturer Scouts and Guides from all over the state (and from other states of Australia) come to take part in this exciting activity that is a highlight of the Venturing year.

Hoadley Hide History

The history of the Hoadley Hide is intrinsically linked to Gilwell Park, Victoria’s home of Scouting.

The first Hoadley Hide was held in 1952, in the infancy of Senior Scouting and was held at in conjunction with the Easter camping competition for Scouts at Gilwell.

About 12 Patrols took part in activities based on the Senior Scout Adventurer Badge under the organisation of L.R.D Pike.

The landless pioneers moving sedately to the public meeting to unlock the land.

Why Hoadley Hide?

Well-behaved senior scouts on Longwarry Station platform moving to their carriages. I am not sure as to what the hold up is.  The band around the chap’s hat should give a clue. There was no rioting. These were the days of the good old red carriages.

The trophy is an embossed leather hide mounted on a polished plaque and named after the late Charles Archibald Hoadley, Chief Commissioner 1927-1937 of Victoria and Warden of Gilwell 1924-1947. Hoadley was an avid adventurer who accompanied Mawson to Antarctica and was a staunch advocate of challenge and adventurous activities for Scouts.

The Hide is awarded each year to Co-Holder Teams who attain the top 4% of activity points of the stunts. Team names are engraved on metal plates and the Hoadley Hide has expanded over the years with two matching wings to record the growing achievements of Venturer teams.

Who has smelt wood smoke by twilight? Who is quick to read the noises of the night? Let him follow with the others, for the young men’s feet are turning to the camps of proved desire and known delight.

Rudyard Kipling

One of Warragul’s patrols (my district senior troop).  Russell Marriott, Stuart Burns, Colin Walker, Graeme Haycroft and Paul Pianta.
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