2017 Results

Congratulations and well done to everyone who participated in Hoadley Hide 2017: On the Run

Hoadley Hide 2017 was held at Barry’s Reef Scout Camp with 16 teams competing.
The final standings are available in the table below


Team 1: 1st West Waverley / Wirringga 1

Justin Tan, Louise Gordon, Rory Smith, Jonty O’Byrne

Runners Up

Team 14: Willara / Tarwin River / Loy Yang

Dale Pryor (Willara), Dannii Jennings (Willara), Chloe Hart (Willara), David Williams (Tarwin River) Koen Petersen (Tarwin River), Zacharie Cook (Loy Yang)

Team 13: 1st Hawthorn / Yarra Venturers / Waverley Valley / 1st Elwood

Angus Currie (1st Hawthorn), Angelina Malcontenti-Wilson (Yarra Venturers), Alec Johnson (Yarra Venturers), Leah Todman (Waverley Valley), Kirsten Graham (Waverley Valley), Danielle Roche (1st Elwood)

Overall Placings

Team No.Team Name/Unit(s)Grade
11st West Waverley / Wirringga 1A
14Willara / Tarwin River / Loy YangB
131st Hawthorn / Yarra Venturers /
Waverley Valley / 1st Elwood
16North Ringwood / 49C11 / Tarquin / 1st LilydaleC
10Horsham CombinedC
121st Castlemaine / 1st StrathfieldsayeC
21st West Waverley / Wirringga 2C
17Napier Park / 1st BeaconsfieldC
91st Ranelagh / BunarongC
111st Ivanhoe Sea VenturersD
528th Glen EiraD
15Monash / Warrnambool Tooram /
1st Taylors Lakes / 1st Leopold
71st Gisborne / MRVUD
41st The Basin / JETSD
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