Information for Staff (Rovers & Leaders)

Welcome to the Hoadley Hide Team!


You can register on our Staff Registration Page.

Logos and Branding

Want to make your stunt more immersive?
Download our logo pack containing the standard Hoadley Hide logos and our theme specific logos and branding material.

Feel free to use these in your stunt site, in any documents you may produce and social media posts.

Information & Communication

We have a dedicated Facebook Group for Adult Volunteers and Supporters for Hoadley Hide. This is open to anyone who is interested in supporting Hoadley Hide. It is not open to any Venturer Scout or Guide 14-17 given we will be sharing information that could give an unfair advantage to participants.

Make sure you like our Instagram and Facebook pages to keep up to date with all things Hoadley Hide.
If you have an idea for a post or would like to enquire about running a stunt, send an email to or message our socials.

Event Structure

We are operating a number of different Activity sites (stunts) across the weekend along with the Venturer Overnight Camp (VOC) for the Venturers. 

We need your help to deliver the event, run the Stunts and other supporting activities for Hoadley Hide 2024.


Hoadley Hide 2024 will be held at Blackwood Scout Camp

We will be camping on site, with the Activity Sites running on both Saturday and Sunday within the State Forest outside of the campsite.

Usually the site is a fairly basic Scout Camp with limited facilities, but a great open site for camping and operating our Venturer Overnight Camp (VOC) for the weekend. The site will have facilities for all participants and staff throughout the weekend, including toilets and shelter.

Staff Roles

When you sign up, you will be asked for the role you’d like to undertake. For some roles there will be a space to provide some additional information or notes as to why you’d be suited for the role. Provide a bit of a summary of good ideas or assets you’d bring to this role and how it will add to this exciting event.

Staff Members

Formerly known as a Stunt Team Member, our Staff Members running stunts are responsible for ensuring our Patrols (the Venturers/Ranger Guides) are adequately challenged and that they have an amazing experience!

You will be assigned to an activity site (stunt) with a Team Leader who is responsible for planning and delivering the Activity. Your role is to undertake the assigned task in the site– it may be sign-in, leading the teams through the activity, or other tasks as required.

Stunt Team Leader

Your role as a Stunt Team Leader is to lead your stunt team in the building of a well themed stunt as well as overseeing the handling of venturers completing your activity.
You will be able to select the activity area you wish to run.
Stunt Synopsises will be made available soon.

Venturer Support Team

Running Hoadley Hide involves a lot of work! If you would like to assist the Hoadley Hide Management Team there are jobs available at the Venturer Overnight Camp and in the forest.

There are roles that involve assisting with waste management, site services, water supply, firewood collection and various other tasks.

We are also looking for Venturer Leaders to provide supervision in the VOC and to assist with general venturer welfare.

There will also be a small number of staff required to assist the Hide Chief with monitoring the Venturer’s (scoring) and other administration tasks throughout the weekend. This will be by appointment of the HHMT, but if you would be interested in this, please note it on your application.

Making it real!

Every Adult Supporter at Hoadley Hide 2024 will be issued a Hoadley Hide event badge. We’d love if you could sew this badge on your Scout uniform to help promote Hoadley Hide.

Your clothing/costumes should be appropriate to the theme.
The more authentic and immersive your stunt is, including costumes, equipment, decorations, etc., the more the Venturers will enjoy it!

The Team Leaders will be provided electronic versions of the generic Hoadley Hide Logo and theme logo for use in their Activity Sites too, along with a colour guide to help link your stunts back to the theme!

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