Your Adventure

Event Schedule

Thursday Night (6pm – 9pm):

  • All arrive at Sunbury
  • Pack inspections

Friday Morning:

  • Set sail for Blackwood Cove
  • Rogaining Treasure Hunt

Friday Afternoon:

  • Purchase your very own Ship
  • Test your ship’s seaworthiness
  • Design and hoist your Flag

Friday Dinner:

  • Compete in My Galley Rules
  • Celebratory Rave & Karaoke


  • Sail around to different islands
  • complete challenges at stunts

Saturday Evening:

  • Enjoy a  BBQ dinner
  • Dress in your best pirate outfit!
  • Then explore the township and visit different market stalls, in search of a treasure map!!


  • Half day of mini stunts
  • Final Parade and Awards
  • Return to Sunbury
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