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Hoadley Hide 2024: Anchors Away

Can you escape the curse?

Hoadley Hide is calling on Venturers and Guides to join the Archaeological Team at the Blackwood Dig-site!

You must navigate, complete tasks, and collect clues, to discover artefacts and uncover the secrets kept deep within the Pyramid.

You will test your teamwork, navigation, initiative, and problem-solving skills while hiking between the Stunts on Saturday and Sunday.

Successful completion of the event will allow Venturers to pass the requirements for the Stage 4 Bushwalking badge and some of the Stage 5 Pioneering Badge, as well as other ‘i statements’ from the core areas.

Before You Arrive

All Hoadley Hide participants are required to have completed the requirements of the introduction to section badge before commencing the competition on Friday.

While not a pre-requisite for competing, we recommend that venturers have completed stage 3 in the core oas areas.
All team members should be familiar with grid references and how to use a map and compass.

Guides aged 14-17 will need confirmation from their Unit Leader that they are prepared for the event – contact the Hoadley Hide Team for more information.

Everyone is welcome to stay overnight Thursday at Sunbury Scout Hall (nearby to Sunbury Train Station), particularly if you are coming from elsewhere in regional Victoria or metro Melbourne. All participants who stay overnight on Thursday will be transported to the site on Friday morning. (transport costs extra – select the “Sleepover & Bus” registration option when you purchase your ticket)

The Plan

After checking in on Friday morning you will be required to pass a pack inspection before starting the weekends activities. Please refer to the equipment list and remember to keep your pack as light as possible. You will have to carry everything on Saturday and Sunday, including your tent.

We will supply uniform storage, so please bring a coat hanger, and make sure to wear something underneath your uniform so that you can hand it over for safekeeping. Uniforms will be returned on Monday morning before final parade.

All patrols will then  involved in Radioactiv8 – a fast paced navigation and physical activity that will help prepare you for the rest of the weekend.
It is similar to orienteering, but instead of stamping a card you will get to talk over a radio and answer a question at each base.

On Friday night you will all take part in the cooking competition. this is a scored activity, so present your best 3 course meal to the judges to try and earn as many points as possible! This will cover part of your stage 5 camping badge.

On Saturday and Sunday your team will trek through the forest and aim to complete as many stunts as possible. The stunts will be at the same locations all weekend but the content will be different each day, so try and get to all the stunts on both days!

On Saturday night all patrols will be required to participate in a Night Activity.
This night hike will involve walking to points on a map and collecting clues at each one! The more places you visit the more points you will earn as a team, and the more hope you’ll have of escaping the Pharoah’s Curse!!

Sunday Evening will be a Party!
The party will include a DJ, karoake, and a complimentary dinner, so no need to cook tonight! Take this opportunity to dress up in your fanciest dress, show off your dance moves and belt out your favourite tunes. It’s time to celebrate all your successes over the weekend and finish with a bang!!

Monday morning everyone will pack up their tents and get free breakfast!
At closing parade the runners up will be announced, the brand new Co-Holders of the Coveted Hoadley Hide showered with glory and the Best Stunt team announced (as voted by you).
Then its back on the bus, or in your parents car, and headed home with many stories to tell… and straight into the shower. 😛


Stunts will cover a variety of items from the core oas areas at stage 4 and 5.  At the conclusion of the weekend each team will receive a statement of attainment, listing all the things you can tick off in terrain.

On Friday, you have the chance to cook a three course meal to satisfy a requirement for stage 5 camping. You will then be able to check that off as complete. if you have not yet been awarded stage 4 that is okay, you can tick things off at a higher level.

We will provide the name and phone number of the chief assessor so you can ‘add verifier’ in terrain.

any questions? feel free to ask 🙂

Sound Exciting?

An exclusive event, Hoadley Hide 2024 will be limited to 25 patrols of 4-7 Venturers or Guides, so register quickly!

Don’t have a full team? Don’t worry! Register as an individual or partial team and we’ll match you up with other Venturers to complete your team. Where possible, we’ll make sure they’re from a Unit nearby to you so it’s easier to coordinate equipment, food, transport, etc.

All this means that Hoadley Hide 2024 will provide the same test of skills as past events, but with an exciting new structure and narrative, designed by Venturers and Rovers, to provide an immersive experience for Venturers & Guides!

How can I get involved?

Had a fun weekend? Can’t wait for more?
Encourage your friends to come along next year and try improve your score, or if you won… go down in history as back to back champions!

The Hoadley Hide Management Team is always on the lookout for venturers to join the Theme Team. Thisgroup of venturers and rovers is dedicated to making each year bigger and better than the last. If you’ve got an idea for next years story, we’d love to hear it! Wanna join? Just ask any HHMT member and you’ll be contacted about the next brainstorm session!

Too old to compete next year?
We are always on the lookout for Rover Units to run stunts and there are lots of jobs within the HHMT and around the site. If you want to get involved, send us a message on Facebook or email the team at


Register before March 19th to get bonus points!

Do I need to book tickets for everyone in my unit at the same time?
No! You can order either as a team or individually without any issue. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more info!

When and Where?

Friday 4th April until Monday 7th April 2024 at Blackwood Scout Camp

Want to use public transport? Then visit our Public Transport page for more information.

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