Public Transport

Hoadley Hide is operating at Rowallan Scout Camp, which is about a 30 minute bus ride from Sunbury Railway Station.

Sunbury Railway station has regular services on the Sunbury Line operated by Metro. You can find the timetable and trip planner at the Public Transport Victoria website.

Sign in for teams will be commencing at 09:30am and closes at 11am on Friday 30th March. We will be running a shuttle service from Sunbury Railway Station at 09:30am to transport you to site.

At this stage, Public Transport Victoria have not set timetables for Easter 2018, however this should be available in February 2018. We will keep this page up to date as information comes to hand.

In the short term, you can plan on having access to public transport to get to Sunbury and we will transport you from there.

If you are coming from a regional centre, you’re welcome to stay overnight on Thursday. We have locked in accommodation for those who require it. Please select the appropriate option when signing up.