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Hoadley Hide 2021: Exploits on the Goldfields

Are you ready to make your fortune?

Hoadley Mining Company is looking for Venturer and Guide recruits to join us as miners on our Goldfields. You’ll test your initiative, teamwork, leadership, and Scoutcraft skills as you hike between different Mining Operations Sites (stunts) on your way to earning  your miner’s licence. Successful completion will also allow Venturers to pass the requirements for the VA Initiative badge.

All Hoadley Mining Company recruits are required to have completed the requirements of the Venturing Skills badge before commencing the mission on Friday.

Don’t have your Venturing Skills badge yet? Don’t worry!

For Venturers who do not yet have their Venturing Skills Badge, you can stay overnight at Sunbury Scout Hall on the Thursday night and complete our specialist Pre-Recruit Skills Course (select the “Sleepover & Bus” registration option) . This will make sure you are ready to start prospecting on Friday. Successful completion of the Pre-Recruit Skills Course and Hoadley Hide itself will allow you to complete both the Venturing Skills badge AND the VA Initiative badge – that’s 2 badges in one weekend!

Guides aged 14-17 will need confirmation from their Unit Leader that they are prepared for the mission – contact the Hoadley Hide Team for more information.

You are also welcome to stay overnight Thursday at Sunbury Scout Hall (nearby to Sunbury Train Station) even if you already have your Venturing Skills badge, particularly if you are coming from elsewhere in regional Victoria. All recruits who stay overnight Thursday will be transported to the site on Friday morning (transport cost extra – select the “Sleepover & Bus” registration option below)

All recruits will be getting involved in the Mine Plot Navigation Challenge (Rogaining) – a fast paced navigation and physical activity that will help prepare you for the rest of the weekend.

An exclusive event, Hoadley Hide 2021 will be limited to thirty-five teams, so register quickly! Teams of 4-6 Venturers don’t need to be separated into Venturing Skills and Initiative groups, allowing for the mentoring of younger Venturers by more experienced Venturers.

Don’t have a full team? Don’t worry! Register as an individual or partial team and we’ll match you up with other Venturers to complete your team. Where possible, we’ll make sure they’re from a Unit nearby to you so it’s easier to coordinate equipment, food, transport, etc.

All this means Hoadley Hide 2021 will provide the same test of skills as past events, but with an exciting new structure and narrative, designed by Venturers, to provide a immersive experience for Venturers & Guides!


Register before March 1st to get a free cupcake at the event!

Do I need to book tickets for everyone in my unit at the same time?
No! You can order either as a team or individually without any issue. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more info!

When and Where?

Friday 2nd April until Monday 5th April 2021 at Barry’s Reef Scout Camp

Want to use public transport? Then visit our Public Transport page for more information.

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