Stunts Overview

Mission to Mars: Our 2019 Theme

The premise for Hoadley Hide 2019: Mission to Mars is that the Venturers are part of a manned mission to Mars.

Venturers will begin on Friday morning with their Astronaut Induction, then complete some pre-mission training on Friday afternoon before launching and arriving on Mars on Friday night.

Over the course of Saturday and Sunday, they will explore the “Red Planet”, conduct research and experiments as they arrive at different locations (the stunts), and potentially overcome some challenges too!

On Sunday night they’ll rocket home again for a big “Welcome Home” party!

Initiative Requirement

Each activity will include some kind of initiative challenge; be it a first aid challenge, a navigation challenge, a rescue, night work, decoding or water incident, etc.

The stunt must be designed so as to occupy the entire team in a challenging activity. For each stunt site, we have given a suggestion of a suitable initiative challenge, taking into account what’s available at each site, and making sure there is a variety of stunt types.

Each Venturer Scout is required to participate fully in the planning and execution of each stunt. Initiative in Venturer Scout language is a self-starting power, an ability to get up and go without being told what to do. It requires resourcefulness, working out what the problem is, problem solving, implementing and reviewing.

An Initiative activity is designed to enable Venturer Scouts to develop, practise and test their initiative and should be a definite test of planning, organising, self-reliance and determination.

Ways to theme your Stunt & Making it more of an Experience

There are lots of ways to add character to your stunt and make it a real experience as part of the overall theme: play theme music over speakers, have costumes that tie in to the story; all these will assist with the story and theming of your stunt.

The end goal is for it to be an immersive experience for the Venturers – they should feel like they really are on a Martian Mission (even if they are really only in rural Victoria!) Don’t forget, Venturers will be voting each night for their “Best Stunt” which will be a large contributor to the overall Best Stunt awards, so make it as fun and entertaining as possible!

Must-Have Equipment for each stunt:

  • Garbage bin (We will provide bags)
  • Undercover place for Venturer Packs to be placed, such as a shelter and a tarp on the ground
  • Benches/chairs (for sitting)
  • Table (for sign-in, scoring, etc. – a small pop-up gazebo is ideal as well)
  • Water-Filling Station, at least 20L (for Venturers to fill water bottles, HH team can refill when required)

The Hoadley Hide team will provide each stunt with:

  • Score sheet pads
  • Stunt stickers to place in each team’s “passport” when they complete the stunt
  • Garbage bags
  • A radio (to be signed out from HQ each morning and signed back in each night)

Site Visit

We will be running a site visit on 23rd March 2019, at Mataranka Scout Camp, commencing at 10am and finishing at 1pm.

Stunt Sites & Story Summaries

To select your stunt or to obtain more information on each of these stunts, including photos of the stunt sites, can be provided on request, email

Stunt 1: – Taken: Keith Farquhar Rover Crew

Name:                         Mars Base Greenhouse & Galley
Stunt Type:                Cooking / Fire lighting
Stunt Site:                  1
Stunt Access:            2wd
Stunt Site Feature:   No Special Feature
Saturday Activity:     Creative ways to cook potatoes
Sunday Activity:       Chocolate Coconut Balls

Stunt 2: – Taken: VVC

Name:                         Structural Engineering Lab
Stunt Type:                Construction
Stunt Site:                  2
Stunt Access:            2wd
Stunt Feature:           No Special Feature
Saturday Activity:     Build a section of a structure to be used at the main Mars base (VOC).
Sunday Activity:       Alternative Rope construction

Stunt 3: – Taken: Kingsford Smith Rover Crew

Name:                         Remote Exploration Deployment Centre
Stunt Type:                Teamwork / Communication   
Stunt Site:                  3
Stunt Access:            2wd
Stunt Site Feature:   Shallow Rocky Gully
Saturday Activity:     Unmanned Exploration Vehicle Training
Sunday Activity:       UEV Deployment

Stunt 4: – Taken: Olaves/Guides

Name:                         Chemical Engineering Lab
Stunt Type:                First aid
Stunt Site:                  4
Stunt Access:            2wd
Stunt Feature:           No Special Feature
Saturday Activity:     Soil Chemical Testing
Sunday Activity:       Hazardous Materials Training

Stunt 5: – Taken: Scout 4×4 Service Unit

Name:                         E.T. Engagement
Stunt Type:                Construction/Ropework | Teamwork
Stunt Site:                  5
Stunt Access:            2wd
Stunt Site Feature:   Mullock Heap, 3m Holes
Saturday Activity:     Extra-Terrestrial Catch & Release
Sunday Activity:       Alien Escape Room

Stunt 6: – Taken: Ringwood Mafia

Name:                         Air Quality Lab
Stunt Type:                First Aid / Science   
Stunt Site:                  6
Stunt Access:            2wd
Stunt Feature:           No Special Feature
Saturday Activity:     Low Oxygen Environment Training
Sunday Activity:       Chemical Oxygen Preparation

Stunt 7: – Taken: Wilson Sea Rover Crew

Name:                         Mineral Investigation Neutralisation & Extraction site
Stunt Type:                Teamwork / Puzzle
Stunt Site:                  7
Stunt Access:            4wd
Stunt Site Feature:   Mars Like Rocky Hole
Saturday Activity:     Mining Site Induction and Training
Sunday Activity:       Cargo transport vehicle deployment

Stunt 8: Taken – Bays Region Rovers & Leaders

Name:                         The Observatory
Stunt Type:                Navigation / First-aid
Stunt Site:                  8
Stunt Access:            Possible 4wd
Stunt Feature:           No Special Feature
Saturday Activity:     Astronomical Mapping
Sunday Activity:       Astronomical Navigation

Stunt 9:

Name:                         Propulsion Lab
Stunt Type:                Construction
Stunt Site:                  9
Stunt Access:            2wd
Stunt Feature:           Mars Like Hill
High Load:                 This stunt will be the closest stunt to the VOC
Saturday Activity:     Parcel Delivery Research
Sunday Activity:       Target Practice 🙂

Stunt 10: – Taken: Cleve Cole Rover Crew

Name:                         Alien Archaeology Annex
Stunt Type                 Decoding
Stunt Site:                  10
Stunt Access:            Possible 4wd
Stunt Feature:           Little Treed Dell. Ruin looking
High Load:                 This stunt is close to the VOC
Saturday Activity:     Alien language research
Sunday Activity:       Water Filtration Testing

For more info, or if you have any questions, please contact