Stunt Overview

Breached: Our Theme for 2018, in a nutshell

Venturers are breached out of the VOC, into an intermediate world. As they arrive at the stunt, they will pass through the gateway of the stunt (based on the underlying story of the stunt – e.g. Tardis, Stargate, Down the Rabbit Hole for Alice in Wonderland).

Once Venturers are in the stunt world, they will need to navigate challenges in that world before being able to move on to the next world. For example, if they are in the Stargate world, they would tackle issues that you’d find within Stargate universe.

Initiative Requirement

Each activity will include some kind of initiative challenge; a first aid challenge, a navigation challenge a rescue, night work, decoding or water incident, etc. The incident must be designed so as to occupy the entire team in a challenging activity. For each stunt site, we have given a suggestion of a suitable initiative challenge, taking into account what’s available at each site, and making sure there is a wide variety of stunt types.
Each Venturer Scout is required to participate fully in the planning and execution of each incident. Initiative in Venturer Scout language is a self-starting power, an ability to get up and go without being told what to do. It requires resourcefulness, working out what the problem is, problem solving, implementing and reviewing.
An Initiative activity is designed to enable Venturer Scouts to develop, practise and test their initiative and should be a definite test of planning, organising, self-reliance and determination.

Ways to theme your Stunt & Making it more of an Experience

Theme Music over speaker, Costumes, learn the language, impressions, pick a character; all these will assist with the story and theming of your stunt. The end goal is to make it as close to the actual “world” of your stunt as possible. Don’t forget, Venturers will be voting each night for their “Best Stunt” which will be a large contributor to the overall Best Stunt awards, so make it as awesome as possible!

Must-Have Equipment for each stunt:

  • Water-Filling Station, at least 20L (for Venturers to fill water bottles, HH team can refill when required)
  • Garbage bin (We will provide bags)
  • Undercover place for Venturer Packs to be placed, such as a shelter and a tarp on the ground
  • Benches/chairs (for sitting)
  • Table (for sign-in etc. – a small pop-up gazebo is ideal as well)

Site Visit

We will be running a site visit on 4th March 2018, at Rowallan Scout Camp, commencing at 10am and finishing at 12pm. We will be meeting at Gate 3 to the Forest Campsites.

Stunt Locations & Timeframes

The location of each stunt has been assigned based on the theme. Stunts will be in two distinct locations for the two main days of the Hide.

Saturday will involve all teams completing a large course for the entire day. On Saturday, stunts must take no longer than 20 minutes to complete. Venturers will ideally be completing the entire course, including other challenges like walk points and the like, so they must be able to get in and out of your stunt quickly to give them enough time to complete the course.

Sunday will involve the teams being split into two groups, odd numbered teams and even numbered teams. In the morning, they will do either a small course of stunts, or rogaining. All of these activities will be located within the scout camp forest. After lunch, they will swap to the other activity.

On Sunday, you will use the same theme as your Saturday stunt, but a slightly different activity. The stunts must take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. Stunts will be closer together, and we have a unique opportunity to use some of the landmarks available to us in the area. This will reduce the amount of setup required, but allow you to integrate these landmarks into your storyline.

Available Storylines

A total of 9 storylines are up for grabs for your stunt. As these become taken by respective stunt teams, we will cross them off the list.

  1. Star Wars (Cleve Cole)
  2. Game of Thrones (Cleve Cole)
  3. Narnia (Victorian Venturer Council)
  4. Star Trek (Kingsford Smith Rover Crew)
  5. Stargate (Mooroolbark)
  6. Alice in Wonderland: Shrunken Door (Guides)
  7. Harry Potter: Fireplace Gateway (Cleve Cole)
  8. Lord of the Rings: Bilbo’s Cottage Door (Plenty Valley/Lerderderg Rovers)
  9. Doctor Who: TARDIS (Wilson Sea Rover Crew)

We have a detailed list of activity ideas for each, if you’d like more information on these, please contact hoadleyhide AT vicscouts DOT asn DOT au. We also have photos of sites for both days, along with details of the landmarks available for each of the respective stunt sites on the Sunday.