Staff Registration

Register For Hoadley Hide 2022: Monster Hunters


What does the Rover & Leader Fee cover?

For all adult support, the Hoadley Hide fee is $45

As with the 2021 Hide, we are providing a lot more for the Rovers & Leaders who volunteer with the event.
This includes:

  • Camping on site
  • Catering from Friday Lunch, through to Monday Breakfast
  • Provision of toilets & on-site showers

Due to the increased involvement and support we require, the Team has felt it is best to provide catering so crews & volunteers don’t lose time cooking or being tied up with trying to setup eating shelters or other services.

What will I be doing at the event?

When you register you will be required to state what role you wish to undertake.
To find out more information on roles, see the ‘Information for Staff‘ page.
If you would like assistance or have any questions, send us a message via our socials or shoot the team an email at