Information for Rover Scout, Leader & Adult Volunteers

Welcome Engineers, Recruitment Officers, Flight Dynamics Officers, Mars Environment Specialists and Space Nuts to the FARSCOUT Team!

Information & Communication

We have a dedicated Facebook Group for Adult Volunteers and Supporters for Hoadley Hide. This is open to anyone who is interested in supporting Hoadley Hide. It is not open to any Venturer Scout or Guide 14-17 given we will be sharing information that could give an unfair advantage to participants.

Mars Mission Structure

We are operating a number of Operations Sites (stunts) across the weekend along with the Mars Base Camp for the Venturers.  We are also providing catering for the weekend for all of our Mission Staff – there will be a fee required during registration, which is fully put into the catering.

We need your help to deliver the event, run the Operations Sites and other supporting activities for Hoadley Hide – Mission to Mars.


When you sign up, you will be asked for the role you’d like to undertake. For some roles there will be a space to provide some additional information or notes as to why you’d be suited for the role. Provide a bit of a summary of good ideas or items you’d bring to this role and how it will add to this exciting new event.

FARSCOUT Mission Officer – Operations Division

Formerly known as a Stunt Team Member, our Mission Officers in the Operations Division are responsible for ensuring our astronauts (the Venturers/Ranger Guides) are adequately tested and prepared for their role in exploring Mars.

You will be assigned to a Operations Site (stunt) with a Mission Team Leader who is responsible for planning and delivering the Operations Site. Your role is to undertake the assigned task in the site– it may be sign-in, leading the teams through the experiments and training exercises, or other tasks as required.

FARSCOUT Mission Team Leader – Operations Division

Your role as Mission Team Leader – Operations Division (Stunt Coordinator) is to produce and operate the Operations Site with the theme assigned to your site and your team of Mission Officers working alongside you.

FARSCOUT Mars Base Camp Support Team

Running a Base Camp has a lot of work to do! If you would like to assist, the Base Camp Support Team involves assisting with waste management, site services, water supply, firewood collection (Mars can get to -125 degrees on its dark side!) and various other tasks.

FARSCOUT Recruitment Officers

Working directly for Director Geoff Huygens, this role is for those who would like to help during our induction of new recruits on the Friday morning of the Hide. Your role will be to help check off equipment, preparation, and induction documentation of our incoming astronauts.

There will also be a small number of staff required to assist Director Huygens with monitoring recruit KPI’s (scoring) and other adminstration tasks throughout the mission. This will be by appointment of the Director, but if you would be interested in this, please note it on your application.

Key Changes from Previous Hoadley Hide Events before 2017

Due to increasing regulatory requirements, we are unable to camp or stay in the forest. This year the Hide will continue to run with a dedicated overnight camp for Rovers & Staff. This is located in an area well away from the Venturer Camp but we will be sharing toilet/bathroom facilities.

To increase participation and interaction between our adult volunteers, we no longer require an entire crew to commit to operating stunts. The idea being that if you are unable to create a team to run a stunt, that you can still attend and work with other volunteers to operate a stunt.

In order to deliver an event with an overarching storyline that has some level of continuity we will be assigning the activities on each stunt. We will need your help with resources and equipment to run the stunt such as equipment available from your local Scout Group(s) or your crew den. Specialist equipment required for any stunts will be arranged by the Hide Leadership Team, but we may need some help with pickups and logistics.