Frequently Asked Questions

When and Where?

Friday 19th April 2019 – Monday 22nd April 2019 at Mataranka Scout Camp, Dunolly, Victoria

What do I need to bring?

Our Mission to Mars is a camping and hiking activity, therefore you’ll need the usual clothing, tent, hike pack & food. The our Venturer Off World Centre (VOC) will provide water at the overnight camp locations & stunt sites.

A detailed recommended equipment list has been published on our Equipment Page. Remember that on Saturday night we will be doing Mars Off World Excursion, so you will need to bring torches and warm clothings for the activity.

Can I get public transport to the site?

You sure can! Hoadley Hide is at Mataranka Scout Camp, about 2 hours from Sunbury. You can stay on the Thursday night in Sunbury at a hall we have arranged and we will assist you in getting to the site on the Friday.

Due to Metro Rail Tunnel works, trains on Friday are not currently scheduled, so we strongly recommend that you arrive on Thursday night. The bus replacement services arrive too late and you will miss our shuttle bus to the FARSCOUT Recruitment Site.

How much?

  • If you are getting to and from site using a private car (such as a Leader or your parent), the fee is $72
  • If you are meeting the bus on Friday morning, in time for our 8am departure, then it is $97. Remember, if you are catching the train to Sunbury, the bus replacement services may not arrive by 8am!
  • If you are wanting to stay overnight at Sunbury, the fee is $97.
  • If you are doing the Venturing Skills Course, then you will need to be at Sunbury Scout Hall by 6pm, stay overnight. The fee is $97.

$45 for Adult Volunteers (Rovers, Leaders etc)

What does the Rover & Leader Fee cover?

As with the 2018 Hide, we are providing a lot more for the Rovers & Leaders who volunteer with the event. This includes:

  • Camping on site at Mataranka Scout Camp
  • Catering from Friday Lunch, through to Monday Breakfast
  • Provision of toilets & on-site showers at Mataranka Scout Camp

Due to the increased involvement and support we require, the Team has felt it is best to provide catering so crews & volunteers don’t lose time cooking or being tied up with trying to setup eating shelters or other services.

Do I need to register my entire team at the same time?

No, you don’t have to. Our order form allows for up to five members to be registered at the same time, but you can also submit the orders individually, or more than one order if you have more than five people attending from your unit.

We have designed this for flexibility, meaning depending on how your unit operates you can still register for the event in the method you wish. For example, your unit might require everyone to pay for their own ticket – in that case, each person orders their own ticket.

On the other hand, your unit might be paying for everyone to attend using the funds of the unit that you’ve raised over the year. In that case, do a single order for the number of tickets you require (up to five) or a more orders for more than five people.