Well done!

Congratulations and well done to all of the teams who participated in Hoadley Hide 2017!

2017 Results

Information for Venturer Scouts

Hoadley Hide is back! If you had the chance to fall back through the rings of time to an Earth in the midst of war, would you find the strength to escape back to your world, and turn the tide of…..

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Information for Rover Scout, Leader & Adult Volunteers

Welcome chasers, prison camp guards, assorted villains and peacekeepers! Rovers, Leaders and Adult Volunteers – we need your help build the new Hoadley Hide into an event the Venturers will love. There are a few notable changes for Rovers, Leaders…..

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Frequently Asked Questions

When and Where? Friday 14th April – Monday 17th April at Barrys Reef Scout Camp, Wombat State Forest What do I need to bring? The Hide is a camping and hiking activity, therefore you’ll need the usual clothing, tent, hike pack…..

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Are you prepared for the challenge? Registrations Open 26th February 2017