Hoadley Hide 2021 : Exploits on the Goldfields

Hoadley Hide 2021: Exploits on the Goldfields has now begun!

Please email hoadleyhide@scoutsvictoria.com.au or call 0447 28 18 28 if you have any concerns during the event.

Please keep all contact through Hoadley Hide Management team, not to the Venturers directly.

Get ready for another Easter full of adventure and excitement at:

Hoadley Hide 2021 : Exploits On The Goldfields

Friday 2nd April to Monday 5th April


Hoadley Mining Co. is calling all Venturers to come to Barry’s Reef Scout Camp and the Wombat State Forest this Easter and make their fortune in the Goldfields!

Navigating between different mining and industry sites, Venturers will earn gold by completing various challenges, including construction, navigation, first aid, problem solving, and more.
But you’ll need to make sure you can hold on to your gold, as there may also be bushrangers, highwaymen, and other nasty characters looking to take it from you!

Venturers can also earn both their  VA Initiative badge! You will also be able to complete one of the OAS badges. We are still in discussion with VVC to finalise the requirements for this.

Think you’re up for the challenge?

Register by March 7th and you’ll get a FREE CUPCAKE at the event!

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