Hoadley Hide 2019 : Mission to Mars

Join us at Hoadley Hide 2019: 19th April 2019 – 22nd April 2019 for a Mission to Mars!

The FarScout Recruitment Team are after any Venturer Scout or Ranger Guide aged 14 to 17 to complete our Astronaut training program. You’ll be completely self-sufficient, hiking between our different training stations where you’ll learn all the skills necessary for the first manned Mission to Mars.

In addition, Venturers who complete the training program can receive their Venturing Skills and Initiative badges.

We are hoping for a successful mission; we know a lot about Mars, but there is a lot about the red planet we don’t know. We need you to help explore and face the challenges of an alien planet!

Registrations Open 1st October 2018 and close in early 2019, and places are limited to 250 participants, so round up your team of 4-6 Venturers/Guides now, put Hoadley Hide 2019 on your Unit program for 2019, and get your application in early to secure your place in outer space!

Other Important Dates:

1st September – We will be announcing the location of Hoadley Hide 2018. Specialist information for the FARSCOUT Team will be released also

1st October – Registrations Open for our Recruit Astronauts (Venturers & Guides). Registrations also opened for the FARSCOUT Team (Leaders/Rovers/Guides)