Pre-Mission Activity (VA Initiative Participants)

Issued by: Geoff Huygens – Mission Director – Mission to Mars
Date: 18th March 2019
Classification: Mission Briefing – VA Initiative Participants

All recruits in Hoadley Hide: Mission to Mars who are completing their VA Initiative Badge, must complete a pre-event activity and then put it into practice.

This activity is the creation of a menu for a the entire mission, as well as a dinner plan for a meal which will be assessed by the Mission Nutrition Staff at the Venturer Off World Centre. How well you complete this will be part of your grading towards the Initiative component of your astronaut training.

Evolution of a fire for a Venturer: fire is now portable, available 24/7, 360 degrees… until the can runs out

Evolution of cooking for a Venturer: Considerable less charcoal!

How does this assessment work? Prepare your meal as a pair or triple, preferably all from the same Unit (not your whole Hoadley Hide team). Essentially, your meal assessment team will be however many can use one Trangia/stove/cooking set comfortably together at once.

You need to produce a menu for a whole weekend (which must be submitted at check-in, see below) and then present one of the meals from that menu on Friday night for assessment at the Venturer Off-world Centre (VOC). We strongly recommend you select a Dinner meal. The assessed meal must contain a nutritious main course containing protein, carbohydrates and vegetables (all necessary to sustain you during your mission). You may include an entree or dessert if you wish, but this is optional.

When do I need to cook this menu? You need to be ready for assessment between 1730 (5:30pm) and  1830 (6:30pm) on Friday night in the designated cooking area at the Venturer Off-world Centre (VOC)

Requirement 1: Prepare a menu for the whole weekend (of 3 dinners, 4 lunches and 3 breakfasts). At check-in on Friday morning, you must present this menu. The menu must be an A4 typed hard copy document. You will also need to present all your food/ingredients for this menu at pack inspection.

Note: for the 3rd night of the Hide (Sunday Night), the Hide Team will be providing dinner for you with our BBQ Dinner. For this meal you can write “BBQ Dinner provided by Hoadley Hide” on your menu.

Requirement 2:  As a pair or triple, prepare and cook a nutritious meal, which will be assessed. The meal needs to be presented to the Mission Nutrition Team in the Venturer Off-world Centre (VOC) between 5:30pm and 6:30pm. Your meal team will be assessed by the Mission Nutrition Team reviewing your meal’s nutritional value, cooking method, presentation, and how you worked together with your fellow recruits.

Our Mission Director, Geoff Huygen’s has released this document to help you come up with self-catering options to cook in the Venturer Off-world Centre. You don’t have to use one of the options in the document, but your meal should be of an equivalent nutritional standard.

MTM001 – Mission to Mars – Recruit Self Catering Document