Logo and Stationery Pack

Ready to theme your stunt with our Mission to Mars and FARSCOUT Logo Pack?

Download it now! HH2019-LOGO-PACK_00

And: HH2019-Stationery-_01


The Logo Pack contains:

  • FARSCOUT Agency Logo (Colour)
  • FARSCOUT Agency Logo (Grayscale)
  • FARSCOUT Logo (Single Line)
  • Mission to Mars Hide Logo
  • Screen Printing Version of FARSCOUT Logo
  • FARSCOUT Stencil, ideal for spray painting any of your stunt signage

There is also a PDF document explaining the different uses of the logos.

We have no specific branding guide, so don’t let rules get in the way of your imagination in making your stunt more linked into the theme of Mission to Mars.

The Stationery Pack contains:

  • FARSCOUT Letterhead
  • Stunt Instruction Card Template
  • Stunt Sign Template
  • Font Set
  • Instructions for Installing Fonts